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support desk

Linux server management with the hosting provider of your choice

We can fully manage all your Linux environments on your private infrastructure or with your chosen hosting partner. In all cases, every aspect of your service management is taken care of by us.

Disaster recovery, security and software stack options

We offer the same ISO 27001 certified disaster recovery, security and software stack options that are on our managed servers. All we need is Debian installed on a server of your choice, and we manage it from there.

We’re at the cutting edge of best practice, ensuring your Drupal hosting is as secure as possible.

Multi-factor server authentication for sensitive systems comes as standard. We use open-source 2FA manager, LinOTP2, to support TOTP phone apps, such as Google Authenticator, or YubiKey devices, with options for other types of authentication too; all centrally managed via our custom directory services

  • Load balancing is managed for you; your infrastructure is secure at all times
  • Data backups managed for you; saving time internally
  • Firewalls look after; there will be no unauthorised access to your infrastructure
  • Managed application hosting; optimise your hosting

Server hardening

We conduct full routine Linux server patching. We react rapidly to emergency security incidents, protecting your servers from threat. We disable or remove unnecessary services so you benefit from increased reliability and optimally performing servers, monitored constantly.

  • Strict physical (AWS Security Groups) and virtual (Linux iptables) firewalling, inbound and outbound
  • Secure, certificate-based VPN for passwordless authentication and verification
  • Real-time intrusion and service monitoring
  • Forensic capability for examining past activity
  • Strict adherence to Two Factor Authentication on critical systems
  • Full disk encryption on staff computers
  • Multi-level back-up strategy
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Server configuration in version control

Using popular open source infrastructure management software such as Puppet, Ansible and Terraform, we keep all configuration safely in version control, so all change has an audit trail and peer review. We maximise our use of automation, to avoid human error, while ensuring there's enough human touch to ensure things are running smoothly.

Why work with us?

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